My Daily Life

6 Jun

It’s been ages since I’ve posted, because my work takes up too much of my time nowadays.

So I’ve decided to try another blogging style to get back into the rhythm. Every day I shall post a short message about my day on Kimpa’s Daily Life.

Hopefully it will motivate me again to write some longer posts on this blog in the future.

Speak soon, hopefully!

Long Time No See

15 Jun

If you’re wondering why it’s been so long since you’ve heard anything from me… ¬†Here’s your answer!

Dreamy Tree

9 Feb


When my fianc√© and I went for a walk, I saw this beautiful tree. One of those trees that has fought hard against the wind and even though it went through a struggle, it didn’t give in.

It reminded me of this beautiful pear tree we had in the garden of the house I grew up in. At first I could only climb on to the trunk. I would grab the first branch I could reach tightly and would sit there, all proud of my achievement. Admittedly it wasn’t that much of an achievement, as I was hardly a meter above the ground. But then again, 1 meter is quite a lot when you’re not much taller than that yourself.

As the years passed I continued to climb that tree regularly, until I was brave enough to make it to the end of the last branch. And then I would just sit there, daydreaming, looking at the pears, our back garden and our house…

When I turned 13 we moved away. But until this day, 12 years later, I still dream about that house, the old pear tree and the beautiful garden. In my dreams it is still my home.

A Little Self Promotion

7 Feb

Contest is open to residents of the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Sweden. For more info go to the original post at Denise-Kim | Photographer.

A Grown Up Snow Angel

6 Feb

Like I told you earlier this week Stockholm is currently covered in snow. And every step I take in the snow is as magical as the one before. I enjoy the snow like a little child would, even though I rather avoid snow ball fights nowadays.

As a Dutch girl, I’ve not seen many snowy days where I grew up. Ofcourse we had an occasional layer, but it would never be more than a few centimetres. Let alone last for more than a few days. As a matter of fact, the average day of a Dutch winter tends to be coloured grey in stead of white. Not to mention how depressing Christmas weather can be.

But Sweden sure does make up for the lack of snow in my childhood. Every squeak my boots make, every flake that falls, brings a huge smile upon my face. So I’m hoping there will be a fresh new layer again tomorrow morning. And who knows, maybe during lunch we can go out and make some snow angels.

Ninja Bunny

5 Feb

Snowy Stockholm

4 Feb

Stockholm is covered in a beautiful thick blanket of snow. This photo of Gamla Stan was taken two days ago with my IPhone. I had a long walk through town and everything looked so amazing. Hopefully I’ll find some time this weekend to go out with my DSLR and capture some of the beauty I’m currently surrounded with. Yes, it’s freezing cold, but the view makes it so worth it!


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